Here is partial list of the feature documentaries we have created digital cinema packages (DCP) for as well as digital cinema mastering & post-production with. Feel free to contact SV2 DCP for contact info references.
T-Minus (2023) 4K Short DCP, 5.1 Mix & VFX Supervisor
Fine Lines (2022) 4K Short
The Big Pitch (2022) 4K Short
Shorty and the Legend of the Enchanted Reef (2021) 4K IMAX Animation​​​​​​​
Esperanza (2021) 4K Short
Split Second (2020) 4K Short
Touch the Stars (2019) 4K IMAX 3D DCP
In Saturn’s Rings (2018) 4K IMAX, Giant Screen Theatrical Release
Into the Hinterlands (2015) 2D Short
Battle (2014) 2D Short, Red Epic, 5.1
America 1979 (2014) 2D Short
Gift (2014) 2D Short
Ouverture (2013) 2D Animated Short
From 1994 (2013) 4K Short (Red Epic)
Watermelon Magic (2013) IMAX 3D & 4K 2D
Wiggle Room (2012) 2D Short, Oscar Shortlisted
The Gruffalo (2012) 30 Minute Short, 2K
Jillian’s Travels 3D (2012) 30 Minute Documentary
The Temptress (2011) 2K Short Norway
CineSpots, PreShow Ads 2K
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