Here is partial list of the feature documentaries we have created digital cinema packages (DCP) for as well as digital cinema mastering & post-production with. Feel free to contact SV2 DCP for contact info references.
The Gentleman Coach (2023) 2K Feature Documentary, DCP & 5.1 remix
The Mountain Path (2021) 2K Feature Documentary
Me To Play (2021) 2K Feature Documentary
Crossing Columbus (2020) 2K Feature Documentary DCP Theatrical Release
Whores on Film (2019) 2K Documentary Feature
Rep, A Documentary, (2019) 2K Documentary Feature
Pariah Dog (2019) 4K Documentary Feature
The Invisible Class (2019) 2K Documentary Feature
When All That’s Left is Love (2019) 2K Documentary feature, Award Winning festival run
The Ties that Bind (2017) 2K Documentary Feature
One Mind (2016) 2K Documentary Feature
Thirstyland (2016) 2K Documentary Feature
Love & Terror on the Howling Plains of Nowhere (2014) 2D Feature Documentary
Who Owns Water (2014) 2D Feature Documentary
Kabbalah Me (2014) 2D Feature Documentary (First Run Features)
Where Was God? (2014) 2D Feature Documentary
Furever (2013) 2K Doc Feature
Smiling Through the Apocalypse (2013) 2D Feature Documentary
Electoral Dysfunction (2012) 2K Documentary Feature
Bearing Witness (2012) 2K Documentary Feature
Mayan Blue (2013) Feature Documentary 2K
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