Here is partial list of the narrative features we have created digital cinema packages (DCP) for as well as digital cinema mastering & post-production with. Feel free to contact SV2 DCP for contact info references.
Penitentia (2023) 4K Feature
The Invite (2023) 4K iPhone Feature d. Mark Cornell
Sarkata Insaan (1993/2024) 4K Feature full restoration
Crypto Shadows (2023) 4K Feature, (Cannes Market)
Erzulie (2022) 2K Feature
Rausch und/and Craziness (2020) Concert Global Theatrical Release, 50 theaters
14 Cameras (2018) 4K Feature Theatrical Release
The Manhattan Front (2018) 2K Feature
Cease Fire (2017) 3D Feature
Ape 3D (2017) 3D Feature
Faith’s Song (2017) 2K Feature Theatrical Release
Snarky Puppy Family Dinner Volume Two (2017) 4K Feature Theatrical Release
Pitchfork (2016) 4K 2D Feature
Abandoned to Die (2016) 2K Feature
13 Cameras (2016) 2D Feature, Theatrical Release
Gog (2016) 3D Feature, Theatrical Restoration
Harvest (2016) 2D Feature
3-D Rarities (2015) 3D Feature, MoMA screening
Lost Colony (2015) 2D Feature
Geographically Desirable (2015) 2D Feature
Consideration (2014) 2D Feature
Pro Wrestlers vs Zombies (2014) 2D Feature
The Bubble 3D (1966/2014), 3D Feature restoration
Mantervention (2014) 2D Feature
The Anatomy of Monsters (2014) 2D Feature
The Cloth 3D (2013) 2K 3D Feature
Dreams (2013) 2K Feature
Doomsdays (2013) 2K Feature
Reunion 108 (2013) 2D Feature
Room on the Broom (2013) 2K Feature
The Stewardesses 3D (2013) 2K 3D restoration
The Bet (2013) 2K Feature
Detroit Unleaded (2012) Feature 2K, Toronto Film Festival
Mexican Sunrise (2012) Restoration, 2K Feature
Blue Collar Boys (2012) Feature 2K
The Darkening, (2012) Feature 2K
Fable (2012) Feature 2K
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