You've come to the right place to create your digital cinema package. SV2 DCP is by filmmakers, for filmmakers.
Check out our pricing calculator, FAQ & credits from happy clients!
We've created hundreds of DCP's over the past 8 years that have played at Cannes, TIFF, Berlin, HotDocs, Fullframe and many more. Our DCP's have played perfect on the largest IMAX® screens and other premiere venues around the world.

And we also provide quality, affordable indie post-production services via SV2 Post.
SV2 DCP creates professional, major studio quality Digital Cinema Packages (DCP's) using a special in-house recipe designed to create the very best quality and fast turnaround - all at prices that indie filmmakers and producers can afford.
SV2 DCP is run by filmmaker Stephen van Vuuren of SV2 Post. DCP's are created using the very best color, image and audio tools available in calibrated, tested controlled studio to ensure your film has never looked and sounded better.
SV2 DCP does not use off-the-shelf packages that often produce sub-par results - especially the lower priced packages. Nor does SV2 DCP rely on buggy, slow free tools.
SV2 DCP's process was developed for Stephen van Vuuren's own project - a giant screen film for IMAX theaters created at 6k resolution for screens 8 stories high. To avoid the 5 figure prices for high end DCP's that major post houses charge, he had to develop a low-cost process that matched them in quality.
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