If you are filmmaker, producer, distributor or exhibitor, you may have run into the challenge of creating a DCP (Digital Cinema Package) for showing your film, trailer or other work in digital cinemas around the world. Currently, software to master DCP’s is very expensive and rates charged by post houses even more expensive. And often, the DCP files are subject to problems, compatibility errors and encoding artifacts.


SV2 Studios pioneered low-cost, hiqh quality DCP creation here in North Carolina for several of our own projects. SV2 DCP is a dedicated division focusing on the DCP and DCDM process. The process we use relies on specialized open source tools that we have extensively customized. With extensive background in post-production, film-outs, computing as well much trial and error figuring out the very complex process of DCP creation, your DCP project will have equal or better quality to much more expensive solutions.

We are making this available to indie & DIY filmmakers, low-budget distributors and others that want to showcase their projects using the same state-of-the-art digital cinema systems big budget Hollywood releases get. We will hand-hold you through the steps required to prep your film (or can do it for you), create and test your DCP and troubleshoot playback issues (unfortunately, DCP files never all play on all systems).

Our DCP creation services include:

  • Conforming your film to 24.000 (or 48.000 for 3D material) frames per second
  • Insuring sound sync on conversion to 24.000 frames per second
  • HD, 2k, 4k processing including aspect ratio matching
  • 2D and 3D DCP’s at 24 & 48 fps
  • Color-space conversion to DCI/DCP colorspace
  • Rendering converted image and sound to MXF wrapped DCI files
  • XML file creation for both SMTPE and Interop compliance
  • Formatting media drives for DCI server ingesting and playback




Founded by filmmaker Stephen van Vuuren, SV2 DCP is a part of SV2 Studios produces projects in film, digital cinema, video, sound, and animation for clients in Greensboro, the Triad and around the US.

Stephen has written, directed, photographed and/or edited several feature films, over a dozen short films and many commercials, music videos, sound, music and web projects. He has also worked on on many productions as a director of photography, Visual FX and Post Production Supervisor, editor, sound mixer, visual FX artist and sound designer.

Be sure to visit his not for profit large format project In Saturn’s Rings to see how he has combined his passions into a dream project now playing on the giant screen.

He is married to Marie S. van Vuuren, an artist and animal rescue advocate who also works in co-producing SV2 Studios‘ various film, video and other projects. Visit her site to see and hear more.